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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

NEW BOOK: Americans in Egypt 1770-1915

Cassandra Vivian, Americans in Egypt 1770-1915, McFarland & Company, 2012.

With 30 photos and maps.
Print ISBN: 978-0-7864-6304-6 ($55,00)
EBook ISBN: 978-0-7864-9116-2 (available within the month)

Chapter One: John Antes: A Forgotten American Voice (Missionary, 1770)
Chapter Two: John Ledyard: The Man Who Walked the World (Explorer, 1788)
Chapter Three: William Eaton: To the Shores of Tripoli (American Soldier, 1804-05)
Chapter Four: Francis Barthow: American Dragoman in Egypt (Explorer, c.1804-1840)
Chapter Five: George Bethune English & the Egyptian Army Expedition of 1820-21 (Explorer)
Chapter Six: The Gliddons and the Beginning of American-Egyptian Relations (Consular, 1832-1840)
Chapter Seven: Sarah Rogers Haight Steamin’ to Egypt: The American Traveler is Born (Traveler, 1836)
Chapter Eight: Bayard Taylor’s Twice Told Tale (Traveler, 1851-52 and 1874)
Chapter Nine: Charles Hale: An Enigma (Consular, 1864-1868)
Chapter Ten: Charles Chaillé-Long: The Man who Fought an Empire (American Soldier, 1869-1880s)
Chapter Eleven: Ulysses S Grant: The King of America’s Progress thru Egypt (Traveler, 1877)
Chapter Twelve: Fanny Stone: Diary of an American Girl in Cairo (American Soldiers, 1877)
Chapter Thirteen: Anna Young Thompson: Diary of a Trip on the Ibis(Missionary, 1887)
Chapter Fourteen: Walter Granger and the AMNH’s Expedition to the Fayoum (Scientist, 1907)
Chapter Fifteen: Theodore Munroe Davis: America’s Man in the Valley of the Kings (Scientist, 1889-1915)

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